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Two TV shows have figured out Gen X’s greatest gift to society: Grouchiness
That’s always been our chief gripe, but it’s also been a blessing in disguise, allowing us to sit back and watch as baby boomers and millennials fight ... was to direct its middle finger at corporate culture, which was enthralling to underappreciated.

'Springsteen on Broadway': The Boss on what it means to be a man
Some baby boomer men manage to stand tall and lean ... what can result in their self-destruction as they try to react to yet another shift in the culture, the latest as they deal with the death of their parents and their own mortality.

Phil Burgess: Cultural preservation also includes saving baby boomers’ pop culture
James continued, “Both the retro movement and the aging of America are inspiring renewed interest in the music and entertainment from the ’30s and ’40s through the Fabulous 50s onto the ’60s and ’70s — a time when our booming pop culture was.

Baby boomers: India’s old school rockers for whom music was about rebellion
That’s how 59-year-old Krishan Dhawan described his upcoming trip to the Desert Trip music festival in California to watch ... rock” had an extraordinary relationship with India’s baby boomers. Would I, or my generation (I am 29 years old), travel.

Vanessa Grigoriadis on the 'Blurred Lines' of Consensual Sex and Assault on Campus
Millennial college students are actually having less sex than their baby boomer and Gen X counterparts did ... Are assault rates and rape culture out of control, or have we entered what left-wing Northwestern Professor Laura Kipnis has called a new.

How Millennials Became ‘Generation Meh’
Helicopters and Trophies Millennials were raised by Baby Boomers. Helicopter parenting came into vogue ... We were raised in a politically correct culture that has, to quote Mel Brooks, been “the death of comedy.” Our parents and educators worshipped.

Baby Boomers Shouldn't Stand for the Music Scene's Age Discrimination
Anschutz appointed Marciano AEG Live’s chairman in 2013. As a music lover and baby boomer himself (born in 1954), Marciano must certainly understand the aggrieved ticket-holders’ ire. But they won’t have much leverage if they wait until the festival.

The baby boomers at 65
From the generation that invented teenage-hood, embraced the sexual revolution, fought the gender war, manufactured consumer culture, wrestled the work ... business in general.'' The baby boomers climbed aboard the economic escalator, enjoying whatever.

Dialogues on the Sexual Revolution & Weinstein’s Victims
the baby boomers coming of age). I’d be inclined to place the cultural precursors to the sexual revolution in the 1920s rather than 1890s, but close enough! Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Sam Cooke [while singing Gospel music] (and probably Brando.

Adults Must Teach Kids To Use, Not Be Used By, Social Media
Perhaps the greatest failing of Baby Boomers is that we reneged on that responsibility ... No earbuds. No head phones. No music. No photos. No bent necks. No phones.” Korematsu Middle School in the East Bay of San Fransisco had tried the normative.

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