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Want To Teach Your Kids Self-Control? Ask A Cameroonian Farmer - NPR
Lamm says they don't know exactly why the Cameroonian kids were so good at the marshmallow test. Kid behaviors are complicated and sophisticated. But one reason may be the Nso parenting style, which is completely different than Western parenting.

11 impressive influencer marketing campaigns - Econsultancy (blog)
Instead of using traditional fashion models for editorial-style ads, the LA-based ecommerce retailer takes top influencers on trips to exotic locations, with those involved typically documenting the entire experience on social media. Beauty bloggers.

Harvard Rescinds Admission Of 10 Students Over Obscene Facebook Messages - NPR
Racially-Charged Messages Spark Controversy in Admitted Students Group Chat | News | The Harvard Crimson The Harvard Crimson.

After Equifax Hack, Consumers Are On Their Own. Here Are 6 Tips To Protect Your Data - NPR
It has tried to respond to public outcry, removing legal language on its site, for example , that appeared to waive consumers' rights to sue. It has also had to explain why executives sold off company stock days after the breach and why it took Equifax.

Save the Date: Gather up girl- (and boy) friends for run, wines, fun
There will also be a Kids Mini ... on your best zombie costume while you throw back one or two (or three) craft beers. Live music and food will be nearby at all times as well. This event is for those 21 and older, and includes five beer sample tokens.

'Healing Children': A Surgeon's Take On What Kids Need - NPR
They heal better. And then there's a whole idea about development β€” for example , the developing brain. You have to think about how that brain is now, and how it's going to develop, and what should we do now so that we maximize the potential for that.

Rostam Lifts The Curtain On His Stunning New Album - NPR
Though I played piano and electric guitar for the song, I used my playing to create measures of music that I could loop and layer with the sound of vinyl crackling. The idea was to reverse engineer the sound you get from sampling an old recording and.

Review: Justin Townes Earle, 'Kids In The Street' - NPR
In the past, he's usually recorded in his native Nashville, but this time around he went to the Omaha studio of Mike Mogis, who's accustomed to approaching roots music from an indie rock angle. On Kids In The Street, Mogis spikes the grooves with.

Spit Test May Reveal The Severity Of A Child's Concussion - NPR
A little spit may help predict whether a child's concussion symptoms will subside in days or persist for weeks. A test that measures fragments of genetic material in saliva was nearly 90 percent accurate in identifying children and adolescents whose.

Lead Detected In Baby Food Samples. Pediatricians Say There's No Safe Level - NPR
quot;The levels we found were relatively low, but when you add them up β€” with all the foods children eat ... it's significant," says study author Tom Neltner of the Environmental Defense Fund. None of the baby food samples seemed to exceed the Food and.

Flattening The 'Mummy Tummy' With 1 Exercise, 10 Minutes A Day - NPR
I admit it. I have a "mummy tummy," also known as "mommy pooch." You know, that soft jelly belly you retain after having a baby β€” it makes you look a few months pregnant. I've tried to convince myself that the pooch is a valiant badge of motherhood.

Child Care Centers Often Don't Hire The Most Qualified Teachers, Study Shows - NPR
INSKEEP: What do you mean child care providers don't want the best teachers? VEDANTAM: Well, this comes from a very interesting study conducted by Chris Herbst at Arizona State University, Steve. Along with Casey Boyd-Swan, Herbst conducted what's&nbsp.

Scientists Develop New Treatment Strategies For Child Psychopaths - NPR
CORNISH: So in terms of how that plays out in children , your opening example is a young girl who's called Samantha for the sake of this story. How did she behave with her family? HAGERTY: Very early on they began to see kind of aberrant behavior.

Could Someone with Autism Be a Superstar Surgeon? - Scientific American (blog)
Freddie Highmore plays a brilliant autistic surgeon on ABC's "The Good Doctor". Credit: ... As autism researcher Michelle Dawson points out in a 2012 blog post titled, β€œThe Idiot Savant Story,” Edward Sequin, a French physician, used the term idiot.

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