Bethel Music Kids One Thing Remains

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Willie Watson sounds like a man from another time
Sensitive as Watson is to the source material, he remains his own man — one who isn't interested ... a lot of people interested in (old time music), so we were the first thing people turned to. We were hipster kids who played banjos.

Little Steven,
I gotta say the curating done by your station, it’s always just incredible to me because, for example, it’s one thing to play A-sides like “Don’t Look Back” or “Why Do I Cry” by the Remains ... fans of music, but so are the kids so that.

5 Chances To Convince Me: Cardi B
But her story — like her actual music — isn’t the most original thing we’ve ... singles pay the bills. Kids want to turn up. Clubs want to turn up. Ladies want to turn up. And “Bodak Yellow” delivers on all fronts. One-hit-wonders used to.

This Creepy AF Footage Of Ghosts In A School Is Here To Give You Nightmares
If there’s one thing we know from horror films, it’s that you should never split up. Smart idea, guys. He also concedes that the kids aren’t too keen these days on evening activities at the school. “We run a music college at night and on Monday.

Something good: ‘The Sound of Music’ feels as fresh as ever
The West End Production of “The Sound of Music ... The kids are given individual personalities as well, and all these little nods make the entire family more relatable, with Pretorius’ joyous, irrepressible spirit weaving them together into one.

The Greatest Guitar Riffs Of All Time – Revealed!
Got Apple Music ... was one that Kirk Hammett had come up with. “I tried to write the heaviest thing I could think of,” Hammett said later. “I was all fired up…” He certainly was. The riff in question would become the basis of what remains.

2018 Chevrolet Traverse - Michigan Road Trip and Kesha
Also, you can earn a few extra parenting points by letting your kid control the music in the car for a few hours (I suggest ... The Chevy Traverse has been completely redesigned. One thing that really shows this is how the new Traverse looks a little.

The Best Music Videos of 2017
Look what you made me do (pick the top music videos of the year, which no, does not include the one referenced, shrug). Interesting that in today's attention-span-of-a-flea age that people would still want to sit down and focus on one thing for three.

Shamir confronts appropriation of queer identity in the softly anthemic ballad, “Straight Boy”
Shamir is not one for subtlety ... Shamir remains as refreshingly blunt and expressive as ever. While flashing a sarcastic, cheeky grin toward older generations in the floaty, dial-up nostalgia of “90’s Kids,” Shamir’s latest track, “Straight.

Why We Still Can't Get Enough of Depeche Mode
Truthfully, the kids couldn’t get enough of this British ... Ska bands like the Specials and English Beat were making great music and making statements we couldn’t ignore. That’s the thing about great bands, their music doesn’t just entertain.

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