Calisthenic Music Ideas For Kids

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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month -
Kids (and adults) are encouraged to get outside and move their bodies for 60 minutes per day (weather permitting). And if the weather isn't conducive to that, move it indoors with jump ropes and calisthenics . Empower kids to make their own healthy.

Downward spiral: how addiction decimated a Wyoming family - The Guardian
Danielle's sister died from a prescription drug overdose in 2009. That same year their mother died of cancer. In 2015, Danielle died, following 15 years of opioid addiction. Just two months later one of her children's paternal grandmothers died after.

50 ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act - Poynter (blog)
This November, the Public Broadcasting Act will turn 50. The law created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and later led to the creation of both PBS and NPR. Here are 50 interesting pieces to read or listen to about public media to celebrate the&nbsp.

Happy Campers: There's Nothing Like Summer - Cabarrus Business & Lifestyles Magazine
“Yet, if the general goals of summer camps have remained unchanged since the 1880s, the particular ways that camps achieved those goals have varied, as camp organizers grappled with changing ideas of what is best for children .” Today, the question of&nbsp.

Academy in Elgin geared toward teens' understanding of police work - Chicago Daily Herald
Spending two weeks of summer vacation starting at 7:50 a.m. with running and calisthenics followed by five hours of police training might not be high on the priority list for most youths. ... "We're not trying to mold these kids to be police officers.

7 Ways to Find a New Guitar Teacher Now - Acoustic Guitar
Neighborhood music schools, whether nonprofits or mom-and-pop businesses, usually offer guitar lessons, but the majority of students at those schools are children , so unless you're comfortable with wall decals of teddy bears and toys in the waiting.

What happened when these Marine Corps recruits were given a 'choice' to go to 'war' - Miami Herald
“It is improperly done when the drill instructors look at the kids (who elect not to fight) and then label them as cowards,” she said. “So the bad drill ... They were hurried back to their barracks and punished with calisthenics — “incentive training.

Colombia's Guerrillas Come Out of the Jungle - The New Yorker
When Lozada's plane touched down, los camaradas—his fifty-odd personal bodyguards, young men and women who had been with him since they were little more than children —greeted him on the airstrip with a song that they had composed. “They made me cry.

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas - New York Times
“The kids who have seen this situation will transfer it to other positive feedback loops, like global warming,” said Rob Goldstone, director of the cognitive science program at Indiana University. “The more ice that melts, the more heat that's absorbed.

Silicon Valley Recap: Let's Hear It for the Blood Boy - Vulture
Both are songs about a guy who gets the girl despite being so ugly he makes a platypus look like Idris Elba. It's an understatement to say that .... “This is my fourth child , Monica,” Laurie says. “I'm no stranger to these types of ... Richard also.

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