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Checkout Profitable Businesses To Start In Nigeria With N50,000 or Less
Sales of CD/DVD’S Business If you don’t like Nigeria movies i am ... with even 10,000 you can start this business. 4. Flashing/Downloading Of Music/Games To Phones Business Do you have a laptop? Now it time to make good use of it.

The Dying Art of The Album
Spotify should be the happy medium between twenty dollar CD's and Limewire (R.I.P). Music fans and listeners want to be able ... and I could talk all day and into next week about how Baby One More Time (also on NPR's list!) revolutionized the pop scene.

Stem Raises $8 Million To Streamline Payments To Musicians -
to distribute and monetize music and videos. The founders of Stem are building a platform that they say will streamline tracking and payments to artists across digital services. That's something that traditional digital distributors from Tunecore.

Kelly Rowland is coming back to Australia for RNB Fridays tour, but will she return for The Voice?
“I said ‘Baby, it’s time to go back home’ and he started wailing ... It’s an interesting place to be but it’s also expensive when you do it yourself. You need a good distributor for sure, I’d like to have some distribution options on.

Why Major Artists Like Ludacris And DJ Jazzy Jeff Are Going Indie On Distribution - Forbes
When a Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King boasting 24 million records sold and a social media following of 40 million chooses a four-person startup with no venture capital funding to distribute his music , you know a tectonic shift is happening under your feet. Joins 'Mobile Record Label' Startup Amuse, Talks 'Defining a New Type of Record Industry' - Billboard
In that, alone, it is unique in contrast to other independent distributors such as TuneCore or CD Baby that take a fee to act as the middleman between artists and the digital marketplace, and is instead focusing on forming label deals as the route to.

6 Types Of Spotify Playlists That Will Feature A New Song -
Well, the old “who-you-know” methods still apply: connected publicists, managers, labels, distributors , digital promotion experts, etc. — people in the industry that have the ear of a Spotify playlist curator or two. But there's another way, one that.

Out to Shake Up Music, Often With Sharp Words
Like any big music company, the offices of TuneCore, a digital distributor in Brooklyn ... s 700,000 acts — as well as the clients of competing services like CD Baby and Zimbalam — have very low sales. “A real temptation in this industry is to.

Online music seller made millions with fake CDs -
The investigation into Michael Hargreaves began in August 2014 when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations learned that Hargreaves was running an online business that was selling and distributing counterfeit music CDs . The 60-year-old&nbsp.

ETDA Releases Findings on Internet Behaviors & E-Commerce Value, Shows Thailand’s Solid Potential to Become ASEAN’s E-Commerce Leader
Baby Boomers spend the least time on the Internet ... for information (86.5 per cent), handling emails (70.5 per cent), watching TV/listening to music (60.7 per cent), and online shopping (50.8 per cent). Surangkana underlines that, "It should be noted.

Indie Labels Hope Apple Will Finally Make Streaming Pay - Wired
“It's going to be huge. There will be exponentially more users, like a Facebook with a billion users,” says Tracy Maddux, CEO of CD Baby , one of the largest distributors of independent music . Maddux argues that if Apple can convert even a small.

Pandora's New Direct Deals Are Very Bad News For SoundExchange And Potentially For Artists -
distributors and labels, including The Orchard and CD Baby . These deals enabled Pandora to launch new interactive features and a new $5 tier last week, and paved the way for a full Spotify-like Pandora on-demand streaming music service later this year.

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