Chabad Kids Chanukah Music

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Beloved Jewish camp in Santa Rosa swallowed by wildfires
You learn about Jewish life. Kids are unplugged. There are no electronics, so they are dealing with people face to face. It truly feels like a family.” Camp Newman also features sports, hiking, music and arts and crafts. “It’s filled with art made by.

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Hanukkah and Christmas Eve overlapping is rare. Here's how one Norfolk interfaith family celebrates. Virginian-Pilot.

Chabad of Clay County hosts Chanukah events - Florida Times-Union
Chabad of Clay County is partnering with Lowe's to offer children and their families an opportunity to craft their own menorah using materials and guides during a pre- Chanukah “Menorah Workshop” sponsored by the retail home improvement and appliance.

Joseph's Sons and Chanukah -
In the portion of Mikeitz, we read of the birth of Joseph's two children , Manasseh and Ephraim. These names have meaning. Manasseh means “G‑d made me forget all my hardships and all my father's home.” Ephraim means “G‑d made me fruitful in the land&nbsp.

NYC Jewish-y events, October 13 – October 22
Aging sculptor Harold (Dustin Hoffman), an all-but-forgotten minor talent, dominates his children by several ... musical (with book and music by Michael Antin) centers on the fictional character of Rosie Pen (Amy Londyn), a Jewish cabaret singer whose.

The Hidden Tract, The Grave, and the Tree -
Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for Chabad .org. Sefira Ross is a freelance designer and illustrator whose original creations grace many Chabad .org pages. Residing in Seattle, Washington, her days are spent between multitasking.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sale of Chametz -
The solution (as explained in the Code of Jewish Law, O.C. 448) is the “Sale of Chametz,” in which the food is sold to a non-Jew before Passover. After the holiday, the non-Jew sells it back, and it can once again be enjoyed. Since the mid-1990s.

Adult Learning is the Number One Priority for the Jewish Future
music, and film helped cultivate spiritual and moral imagination, if Jewish meditation brought deeper inner peace, if rethinking about Israel or Hebrew or Biblical stories inspired them, there is no doubt they would want their children engaged in the same.

14 Hanukkah events in the Rochester area - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
While most Jewish observances are conducted privately, explains Rabbi Nechemia Vogel, director of Chabad Rochester, on Hanukkah , it is customary to display menorahs at windows or doors to “shine the light out” and spread the holiday's message of.

17 Rosh Hashanah Facts Every Jew Should Know -
Chabad rabbis all over the world walk many miles on Rosh Hashanah (when car travel is forbidden) to blow shofar for people who are unable to make it to synagogue. If you know someone who cannot make it to synagogue, let your closest Chabad rabbi&nbsp.

Matzah on Pesach Sheini: When and Why? -
There is a widespread custom to eat matzah on the 14th of Iyar, known as Pesach Sheni (the “second Passover”), the day when those who were impure and/or unable to bring the Paschal lamb on Passover were given a second chance to do so.1 Just as the&nbsp.

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