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And so, heartbroken, Mahalia did what she does best and channelled it into her music —which, at the time, was all chill guitar and clever wordplay, her beautiful but not-quite-grown-into-itself voice floating over the top of tentative melodies. "All my.

Alexa can now find and play music with over 500 'activity phrases' - TechCrunch
And you can also combine your request with a particular type of music . For instance, you can ask for “pop music for cooking,” “classical music for sleeping ,” “rock music for a dinner party,” and so on. Apparently, you can also ask for “ baby making jazz.

Could listening to this whispering sound help you sleep better? - Netdoctor
quot;The soft sounds and whispering associated with ASMR might be directly linked with parent and infant bonding, involving soft and caring vocal tones and focused attentions, which in turn can help to create a sense of trust, closeness and emotional.

A Festival Virgin Road Trips To The Oregon Eclipse Festival - Film Drunk
A few weeks ago, an estimated 30,000 people — filthy, dust-covered, dreadlocked people — gathered at Big Summit Prairie, deep in Oregon's Ochoco National Forest for Oregon Eclipse 2017†, a Burning Man-style festival of art and music centered around.

Peter Andre's awe at mum who gets babies to sleep in minutes - Belfast Telegraph
Most parents will have wished for superpowers at some point after having children - not necessarily to fly or possess superhuman strength but perhaps to stop a tantrum with just one glance or get a baby to sleep in minutes. Believe it or ... On a.

The Musical Genre That Will Save the World
But "chill ... to sleep. It's a hard life, and if it takes some lame Gotan Project track to help my neighbor unwind from his day at the office, who am I to judge? Advertisement What's more, there happens to be some pretty damn good chillout music.

Fyre Festival, a Luxury Music Weekend, Crumbles in the Bahamas - New York Times
At Up to $250000 a Ticket, Island Music Festival Woos Wealthy to Stay Afloat Wall Street Journal.

7 items that will help you soothe your baby (even if you’re exhausted)
One month in with a newborn, I can officially say I’m sleep-deprived ... Cradle ‘n Swing is unique because it can swing your baby head-to-toe or side-to-side, plus it vibrates and plays music. I love that it has an option to plug in — I’ve found.

13 Powerful Women Get Honest About How They Eat, Sleep, Work Out, and Relax -
Her sleep : I have a fantasy about not sleeping with electronics by the bed, but I have baby monitors and alarm clocks and all sorts of things. Wearing pajamas is important. It's something I picked up from my kids, the ritual of getting them ready for.

8 Things New Moms Beat Themselves Up About, But Shouldn't - Romper
I see things, baby included, as success versus failure. So in those early weeks and months, there seemed to be a heck ... If they don't feed well or don't sleep enough — heck, if they don't poop enough or poop too much — it feels like it will make or.

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Amazon Alexa bald auf Fire Tablets, endlich synchronisierte Musikwiedergabe auf mehreren Echo-Devices Caschys Blog.

Truckers' Message for You: Chill Out, Stop Texting, and Have Respect - New York Times
Truckers' Message for You: Chill Out , Stop Texting, and Have Respect. By TRIP ... I have a co-driver, who is trying to sleep in the bunk and needs to get the best sleep possible so she, too, can be a safe, alert driver during her driving shift. I'm not.

Top 7 Movies with Spooky Audio
Aaaah the sound of a crying baby, music to my ears. Ever hear anyone say that ... What if instead of “Ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha” Friday the 13th instead went with “Chill-chill-chill-out-out-out”, or if Michael Myers actually spoke in Halloween.

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