Chiodos Baby You Wouldnt Last A Minute On The Creek Official Music Video

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SpaceX Falcon 9 lost an engine on the way up; Dragon on its way to ISS
It’s not clear what happened just yet, but there is pretty dramatic footage of the engine failure; in the slow motion video below you can see some sort ... "Approximately one minute and 19 seconds into last night’s launch, the Falcon 9 rocket detected.

The moment heroic bride-to-be jumped into creek to save drowning boy, 5, during engagement photo shoot after camera captured him getting into trouble
Becki Salmon, 30, and her 33-year-old fiance, Matt Werner, of Andorra, traveled to the Wissahickon Creek in Fairmont Park last Saturday for a photo session ... is also a first responder. ‘Once you're an EMT for a while, you're in emergency services.

5 reasons the Mariah Carey Christmas movie has to happen
Duh! Her 1994 hit "All I Want For Christmas is You" is a classic, and admit it: You start listening to it well before the holiday season even begins. It's the jam! The '90s are so coming back The Backstreet Boys have a documentary out, NBC is bringing the.

Why I Wouldn’t Attend Pastor Steepek’s Church
When will YOU decide to become disciples ... embarrassment and guilt to motivate his people to fall in line with his wishes. I wouldn’t be going back in a million years. 2. Scapegoating: Another favorite pastime of the church is to blame others.

If You Actually Want to Play Games, Get the New Nintendo 2DS XL
The Nintendo Switch exists, and is a fantastic gaming system that you can, in a pinch, play in a bar ... There’s have been six 3DS consoles over the last seven years, each with some flaw that kept it from being the perfect blend of tech and affordability.

How To Use Twitter In 2017, Maybe
You do not have to. This might seem easy, but when you’ve got a really fire take on the drama du jour, it can be hard not to let it out. And frankly, on days when the news is slow, Video Game People on Twitter are prone to heated conversation or flights.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' New Album Is Band's 'Most Polarizing' One to Date
The arty, skateboard-fueled music video ... baby you don’t know what you want / But you know you’ve had it once / And you know you want it back.” This is a booming, gut-punching album. You wish it was longer, but perhaps its heavy 31-minute span.

The telling of the seasons without a clock or a calendar: once, we just knew
Whatever the truth, the earliest official days of spring ... paddocks were bitter cold and he had to go out there wrapped in an oilskin, that winter wouldn't last forever. The ancients, who had no choice but to live close to the earth, had other ways.

Wally the Beer Man: Buyer said he was 21
Walter "Wally the Beer Man" McNeil said on the witness stand Friday that although he didn't ask for identification from the underage man to whom he sold a beer last fall ... "Today he wouldn't be there because everyone is looking for him," McNeil said.

Eclipse could bring chaos to Oregon's forests and mountains
“Don’t show up at the last minute," Norris said. "And once you’re here, be prepared to get stuck somewhere ... "We're expecting high numbers and I wouldn't be surprised if people got here pretty early," she said. "But it's hard to gauge how many.

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