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Four Tet Made a Playlist of Music from Trump's List of Banned Countries - THUMP
I wanted something more open, and more open in the type of music you can play. The vibe is kind of disco but there's elements of techno house and punk. There aren't rules. You don't have to play this BPM or this type of music . It seems united in a.

Flash Factory Revives a Party from Better Days of New York Clubbing - THUMP
Better Days—the now long forgotten 70s New York club that played a crucial role in establishing house music in the city—is getting a new lease of life as a club night at one of Manhattan's newest night spots. The venue ... and music . But nothing.

The Curious Story of Mushroom Jazz, Dance Music's Chillest Genre Ever - THUMP
Farina came up in the Chicago house scene during its 80s heyday; along with DJs like Derrick Carter, he helped adapt dance music for a new decade, one where it would finally catch on with a mainstream American audience. Ironically, he pushed the idiom&nbsp.

This Is The Only Running Playlist You Need This Week - Refinery29
Plus, music has actually been found to improve people's performance during cardio workouts. A 2009 study, for example, suggested that music helps us power through fatigue more easily. See, even science wants you to run for your life with Yeezy at full&nbsp.

BPM Festival shooting: Five people killed in Playa Del Carmen nightclub attack - The Independent
OFFICIAL STATEMENT (UPDATED*): It is... - The BPM Festival | Facebook Facebook.

'We Are Your Friends' Film Review: A Feel-Good Zac Efron DJ Dance Party for the iGeneration - The Epoch Times
Or, since iGens are not familiar with white-suited Travolta doing the index-finger dance that defined disco -cheese (but was endlessly cool in '77)—let's call “We Are Your Friends” a San Fernando Valley version of “Entourage” with Efron in the Vincent.

Diese Playlist ist der perfekte Soundtrack für deinen nächsten Lauf - Refinery29
Für die meisten von uns ist kein Training komplett ohne die richtige Playlist. Und genauso verhält es sich auch beim Laufen: Ganz egal, ob Laufbahn oder Laufband, die richtigen Songs können den Unterschied zwischen einem Lauf und einem guten Lauf&nbsp.

A day-by-day look at Sonus’ magic [Festival Review]
Of course, the continual success of the festival is hardly a surprise; organized largely in part by Time Warp, it has a proven track record of providing a premier dance music experience ... set at tempos upwards of 130 BPM. While his set ended just when.

Meet the Chicago Juke Producer Who's Headed to the Olympics for a Different Kind of Footwork - Noisey
The same brother who taught me how to make music , was also the first of us three [ kids ] to run track. He was the catalyst. It's great to have a big brother as an influence; I wanted to do what he did. He's 33 now, so we never went to high school.

ABlocalypse Now: Bloc 2016 Reviewed - The Quietus
With Bloc retiring from hosting annual weekenders at Butlins, Christian Eede visits the last ever edition for a weekend packed with one-of-a-kind experiences. It's just a shame that co-founder George Hull doesn't seem to feel the same way. All photos.

Moonlight's Forgotten Frequencies - MTV.com
The wood can be hurricane prevention, in defiance of displacement at 130 mph. ... You don't hear the grabbiness of a song like “We Want Some Pussy,” but its presence is felt — in spaces stratified by gender, and in a music genre that was often.

Bass / House - Resident Advisor
A new breed of "bass music " producers like Midland, George FitzGerald and Kowton make tracks distinctly indebted to the hardcore continuum but unmistakably house, while DJs like Ben UFO, Jackmaster and Oneman gleefully mix in house old and new as part.

Fantasy Techno Collective DUST Wants to “Keep People Moshing” - THUMP
But DUST, a self-described "fantasy techno collective" that is currently one of Brooklyn's most exciting live acts, thrives in bringing the corporeal to the rave floor even while coating their music in a sci-fi veneer. Drawing from the trio's.

10 emerging Manchester artists to watch, according to Rich Reason - Skiddle.com
He's all about these interesting 130BPM bass tunes. I've put him ... When I first came to Manchester it was always a wicked party, but for bass music we were always importing artists from London and Bristol. I've noticed ... “This is a kid who I've.

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