German Music Facts For Kids

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14 facts about the Rickroll - The Daily Dot
The almost four-minute video features everyone from Antoine Dodson (of “Hide yo' kids , hide yo' wife” fame) to Gary Brolsma (“Numa Numa”) as they attempt to help two people that met through the internet, only to be somehow transported into an IRL World.

40 amazing facts about Big Ben – Britain's very own leaning tower -
Parliamentary authorities have performed a dramatic U-turn over the decision to silence Big Ben for four years following an intervention from Theresa May. She joined a growing chorus of fellow MPs by insisting it was wrong that the famous bongs of Big.

5 fun facts about iTunes' 25 billionth song
On Wednesday, Apple announced a pretty mind-boggling stat: The 25 billionth song ... music, virtually defining the space for competitors like Amazon and Google. Here are five interesting facts about the milestone: 1. Who did it? Phillip Lupke of Germany.

Universal Music's Michele Anthony Named UJA Music Visionary of the Year - Billboard
Universal Music Group evp Michele Anthony has been named the 2017 Music Visionary of the Year but the UJA-Federation of New York. The honor arrives on the organization's centennial anniversary. Anthony will be feted "for her exceptional professional&nbsp.

Kidz Bop Partners With Universal to Move Into UK Market - Billboard
Multi-million selling children's music brand Kidz Bop is taking its primary-colored singalong pop across the Atlantic and launching in the U.K.. Universal Music On Demand (UMOD), formerly known as Universal Music TV, has signed on as label partner with.

Does a 'Muslim Migrant' with Four Wives, 23 Children Receive $390000 a Year in Benefits? -
In October 2016, several publications drummed up outrage over a Syrian refugee, referred to only as “Ghazia A.,” who was reportedly receiving close to $400,000 annually in benefits from Germany to support his four wives and nearly two dozen children.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Top 10 facts about the famous German composer and musician
Bach wrote a total of at least 175 hours of music. 2. His first wife was his second cousin. They had seven children. He had 13 more children with his second wife. 3. Bach and Handel, the two greatest composers of their time, were both born in Germany in.

9 amazing facts about ice cream - Deutsche Welle
Vanilla Reigns Supreme; Chocolate Flavors Dominate in Top Five Ice Cream Favorites Among Americans International Dairy Foods Association.

Five facts about the German Shorthaired Pointer
Some 96% of owners say the German Shorthaired Pointer is great with kids and other pets, and responds well to training. You’ll need to keep this dog company, though, as only 36% say it’s OK to leave this pup on its own. 5. It'll give you a workout.

Germany's Wacken Open Air 2017 Will Have Its Own Beer Pipeline, Because Of Course It Will! - Metal
Wacken Open Air is an incredible open air festival that you should be considering going to regardless of the alcohol, but we've got some encouraging news for those that are on the fence – there's gonna be a beer pipeline! Seriously, according to the.

Calgary Police: If Your Child Listens To Heavy Music, They Might Be A Neo-Nazi - Metal
We are living in very unique times. After the shocking events of Charlottesville, Virginia a few weeks ago, a new light as been shed on speaking out against hate groups, white supremacists and neo-nazis. Companies like Spotify have pulled music from.

16 amazing facts about the German football team
Here we attempt to find 20 fascinating facts you need to know about the Germans ahead ... Class show-off Bastian Schweinsteiger can swear in five ­languages. Interviewed by two German school kids, he told them his ­favourite foreign curse was.

Welcome to the World's Coolest Kindergarten - New York Times
Kindergarten in Germany is closer in concept to preschool in America, existing outside the formal school system as it serves children ages 3 to 6. The German word Kindertagesstätte, which is often shortened to Kita, denotes a day care center for.

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