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A few of those names mirror the national Social Security national list, where Noah, Liam, William, Mason and James are parents' top picks for boys and Emma, Olivia, Ava, Sophia and Isabella are trending for the girls . Noah and Emma top the national.

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If you have a baby on the way or are just really into planning ahead, here are a few names that pay tribute to geek favorites without scarring your child for life. As someone who's happily gone ... Bill – Don't think you can name a girl Bill? Try.

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In just a few weeks, we'll see the new popular baby names list for the U.S.. The official list is always packed with surprises, as everything from pop music to sports stars influence what we name our children. Other names rise and fall ... for boys.

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Tobias believes parents are looking for more eyebrow-raising names – and he hopes his book can help them out. “When you find yourself cornered at a party by an old friend who is genuinely insisting that Lavender would make a good name for a baby girl ,&nbsp.

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The rocker-turned-digital music executive talks about his musical roots ... when he couldn't hit the high notes in Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," among others. Read more: Pandora Names Roger Lynch New CEO and President Performing in a dark, side-stage.

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Elliott gleams in outlandish feathered adornment and lip gloss the color of a vinyl record, delivering cheeky brags about her coterie of admirers, who watch her “like he watchin' 'Scandal' — but I'm just here with my girls .” ... For Elliott to.

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These boy and girl baby names are set to be very popular for 2017 – and they're all very unusual. NAMING a baby is a difficult task, ... But if you're looking for some baby name ideas, it might be worth taking a look at these. Online forum Netmums have&nbsp.

Baby names that mean red
If red -- or a shade of burgundy, rose, brick or wine -- is your favorite color, you might want to choose a name for your baby with that same meaning. Here are baby names for boys and girls that are related to red.

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TORONTO — An Ontario music festival has reversed a policy that would have banned attendees from bringing their own injectable naloxone kits, saying patrons will be able to trade syringes of the opioid overdose antidote for a nasal spray that has the.

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The recent figures revealed that Emily was the most popular girls ' name in Ireland in 2016, with 490 children bestowed the name last year. In 1966, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Anne also featured in the top five most popular baby names but none of.

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The weird and wonderful names the stars have chosen for their kids. Fancy looking after a baby Horace? It's Latin for timekeeper, so if you're after a punctual posh tot this could be a good option. Or why not name your baby girl Araminta , which means.

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