Jazz Music History Timeline For Kids

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Why 1980 Was the Best Year in Movie History
History gives us no clear methodology to unravel this thorny ... It reminds one of the brief period in the late 1930″s when for a moment, jazz music was the most popular genre in America. In that moment, the jazz artists had learned and integrated.

10 Cool Things on Spotify's 'History of Music' Timeline
Spotify launched its new Facebook Timeline today, with the added wrinkle being that they have compiled a "History of Music," transporting users from ... in reference to Dizzy Gillespie and his crew of jazz bohemians, while in 1953 the song "Opus De Funk.

Take a 'Blues Journey' Through History
says he wrote "Blues Journey" because "I felt that so much of this music is being marginalized. The kids are not being exposed to it, they don't know about it, and yet this is part of black history and part of our social history, too. . . . "And when young.

Smithsonian Jazz Expert Gives Liner Notes to the New Miles Davis Biopic
“Free booze, free blues, that’s Freddie,” sings James Zimmerman, a jazz scholar and a senior producer at the National Museum of American History ... a timeline of Davis’ life in the late ’50s and early ’60s. The film often relies on music.

8 Reasons This Detroit Festival Is The Best Kept Secret For Electronic Music Fans
This is the best damn city in America," a passerby exclaimed outside a jam-packed music festival this weekend ... and UR presents Timeline, a live ensemble Mendenhall describes as high-tech jazz. Photo by Bryan Mitchell. 4. Afterparties, afterparties.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2015 : New York celebrates African-American culture and heritage with an abundance of events
Meshell Ndegeocell's Lincoln Center show will pay tribute to late, great music legend Nina Simone, seen in 1961 photo rehersing for a jazz concert ... brain teaser quizzes, a history timeline, reference and kids' sections, a classroom area to educate.

'Kid' Ory bio research took author 15 years; 'the music is why we care,' he says
He created a timeline in an Excel spreadsheet detailing significant events: Ory’s birth, at the Woodland plantation in LaPlace; his rise to fame in New Orleans music circles ... “It’s great for jazz history that he did record with lots of people.

A Journey Through 2000 Years of Western Music; The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's History of Rock and Roll Visual Timeline; Experience Music Project
Music history, for many kids, extends only as far back ... innovations of the last hundred years, like blues, jazz, and rock & roll. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s History of Rock and Roll Visual Timeline (rockhall.com/timeline) fills in a lot of.

Chicken Bone Beach concerts tell Atlantic City story with jazz
You didn’t have to worry about your kids at all … because the neighbors all helped each other. I wanted to tell a story of unity, because jazz music brings a diverse group of people together and tells the history of the black community in Atlantic City.

7 Unusual Things I Learned From Louis Armstrong
I hate jazz music ... history (whether you like them or not: the Beatles, U2, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, etc.) have such unique sounds. Part of it is by studying as much as possible the entire history of your chosen field. I keep telling my kids.

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