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US seeks more action from African nations on North Korea - WHIO
He urged all of Africa to play a part in what he has termed a "peaceful pressure campaign" to convince North Korea that its security and respect from the international community can only come from entering a "meaningful dialogue about a different future.&quot.

"Naughty" Bebe Rexha Is Ready To Do It: New Song Premiere - Music and Lyrics
Last week Bebe Rexha promised her fans to given them an “unreleased” song if they made her new single “Meant To Be” reach the Top 10 on iTunes. The fans did their part but Bebe didn't. At least she didn't do it the following day, the day she promised.

Lil Peep, hero to the emo and hip-hop scenes, dies of suspected overdose at 21 - Los Angeles Times
Rapper Lil Peep dies aged 21 of suspected overdose The Guardian.

SoundCloud, Xannies, and Dracos: The next generation of rappers is here - Kulture Hub
Uzi, Yachty, and Makonnen are not Big L, their music is different and non-traditional, it's debatable whether or not they're actually good rappers, but in many ways they're pushing the culture forward in the variety of sound and aesthetic in hip-hop.

JoJo’s ‘Mad Love': 5 Brand New Must-Listen Tracks
Would it break or surrender to frailty like the beautifully bleak "Music"? Would it find strength in recalcitrance ... "I'm a good girl, baby, tell me what you want," JoJo coos in her most convincing act of seduction yet. "High Heels" is everything.

Did Chance the Rapper Just Save SoundCloud? - Vulture
SoundCloud Issues Statement, Says It's Not Going Anywhere XXLMAG.COM.

SoundCloud Is Expanding Programmatic Advertising on a Global Level - Adweek
A few weeks ago, it began working with Triton Digital on programmatic advertising in the U.S., and while SoundCloud is the latest music streaming service to expand its programmatic advertising, others have been doing it for years. In 2015, Pandora.

Nashville notes - kwbe
Grand Ole Opry star John Conlee will release his new album, Classics 3, on January 26. In addition to hits like “Got My Heart Set on You ,” the record also includes several new songs. Both Wynonna and Craig Campbell will perform at the 2017 National&nbsp.

Pop 'n' Fresh: JoJo Is Latest Teen Sensation
Her debut album, "JoJo," was released last week. The first single, an I'm-dumping-you teen anthem titled "Leave (Get Out)," is working its way up the Billboard charts. The song's video clip is getting heavy rotation on MTV, and JoJo guested on the music.

The Agony and Ecstasy of Building an Online Music Business - Vulture
“If you are a music service you have to convince a venture capital fund to part with money that will go straight back into the label's pocket.” Streaming services typically have to pay hefty up-front costs to the rights holders in the form of advanced.

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