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Remember Chris Squire Of Yes With His 8 Greatest Bass Moments - (blog)
After mainstream rock critics spent years insisting that punk rock had exiled and/or “dinosaurs” such as Yes (despite the fact that actual punk musicians such as Black Flag and the Butthole Surfers were hardcore prog fans), the group stepped back.

Kid II Man: Kid Rock tackles aging on Cheap Date tour
And judging by the full parking lot at Ak-Chin Pavilion that turned out for Kid Rock and Foreigner, plenty of down-on-their luck fans overturned many a couch seat to pick up any loose change that might make this Cheap Date Tour date night a reality.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Bio
The quintessential Southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd rose to prominence in 1973 ... Sure enough, a 1997 "Behind the Music" special on VH1 aired while the band was in midtour supporting the album Twenty (Number 97, 1997), which marked the 20th anniversary.

Slipknot: Story Behind Their Debut Album -
Welcome to the mid-90s, a period that seems almost as remote as the Dark Ages in terms of the phenomenal changes that we have seen in heavy music and in the lives of nine [or so] crazy kids from the Mid-Western USA who had an idealistic dream to scare.

Get ready for another National Metal Day ... - USA TODAY
At this point, it should be locked into your brains that National Metal Day takes place every year on Nov. 11. (Yes, this holiday always goes to 11.) This weekend VH1 Classic plans to kick off the festivities a couple days early with a metal weekend.

Is Kendall Jenner a Closet Metalhead? - VH1 (blog)
While sister Kylie was off wearing a catsuit at Coachella this past weekend, Kendall Jenner was sporting a sleeveless Megadeth shirt. We never pegged Kendall as a heavy metal listener, but her wardrobe choice has got us thinking: Is this her way of.

If You Like Metallica, You'll Love These 10 Bands - VH1 (blog)
Each group in the following lineup shares some elemental DNA with the world's all-time biggest heavy metal band while also exploding with their own power and originality. If you like Metallica, check out these mighty forces of rock —and then bang your.

Alice in Chains' Facelift: 25 Album Facts - (blog)
Virtually every form of hard rock , punk, heavy metal, alt- rock , and whatever other label got slapped on whatever new sounds garage bands were pumping out had to immediately answer to the gauntlet laid down by frontman Layne Staley, guitarist Jerry.

The Art Of Making The Perfect Metal Mixtape - VH1 (blog)
I used to make my own mixtapes as a kid : giddy in my creativity, structuring it like an actual album, segueing a Testament instrumental “Urotsukidoji” into Megadeth's “Ashes In Your Mouth”. I thought I was really clever, and of course I would wear.

6.66 Most Ungodly Awesome '80s Death Metal Albums - (blog)
From Hell it came in the mid-1980s and deep into the pitch-black heart of hard rock at most extreme it went. From there, the music and movement that would come to be known and (properly) feared as “death metal” went on to pound, pulsate, and devour all&nbsp.

The 8 Most Vicious Rivalries in Heavy Metal - (blog)
Certainly that's true in the case of heavy metal, but conflict seems far too mild a term for a music genre that fundamentally traffics in screaming, wailing, sonic terror, lyrical bloodshed, and theatrical presentations awash in leather, chains, fire.

The 10 Greatest Non-Heavy Songs By Heavy Metal Bands - VH1 (blog)
is a monumentally popular track, loved by metalheads and normal folks alike. Is Alice In Chains a rock band? A metal band? It's difficult to say, but I felt that they released a substantial quantity of acoustic, lighter music that it's basically.

Musicians we lost in 2016 - CBS News
As we mourn those who were lost in 2016, we note the many creative talents in the music world who left us this year, and remember their singular gifts. By senior producer David Morgan. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

If You Like Slayer, You'll Love These 10 Bands - (blog)
Dolving later returned, and the band ventured into moody, blues- rock with underrated albums like Dead Eye (2006). Recently, The Haunted have kept things together by releasing the impressive Exit Wounds in 2014. This marked a return to their speedier,&nbsp.

The Top 10 Most Legendary Heavy Metal Clubs of All Time - VH1 (blog)
Officially dedicated heavy metal gathering places don't exactly date back to the dawn of the music itself (which would be the February 13, 1970 arrival of Black Sabbath's self-titled debut). Still, as it's the one form of rock above all others driven.

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