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Why kids should learn music before maths
Children's brains develop faster when they learn music according to numerous scientific studies. The opening up of auditory pathways in the brain has a crucial effect on language learning. Better funding of music education would improve the results in.

Little Kids Rock Gala Raises $1.3 Million For Music Education
Last week, Little Kids Rock, the national nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives by restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in public schools, raised $1.3 million at their annual benefit. Costello was presented with the Rocker of the Year.

Music education important for kids
I was delighted to read The Pantagraph’s May 25 article about the commitment of District 87 to music education. Music education builds skills and understanding; it helps develop good study habits and generally leads young people to be better students.

Pandora Partners With National Nonprofit Little Kids Rock to Expand Music Education Programs in Oakland Unified School District
“Music education is a vital component of any child’s learning experience,” said Roger Lynch, president and CEO of Pandora. “We’re proud to partner with Little Kids Rock and Oakland Unified to ensure every child in Oakland has access to music.

Little Kids Rock Honors Elvis Costello and Bonnie Raitt, Who Likens Cutting Music Education to a 'Criminal Act'
Since then, Little Kids Rock has been restoring, expanding and innovating music education around the country." For Dorf, who was honored for fostering a series of tribute shows that have raised $1.5 million dollars for music education, the cause is an.

Music enhances learning, intelligence and creativity in children
is the general consensus in the medical community these days regarding music and its effect on kids' IQs? A: Generally speaking, music enhances learning, intelligence and creativity. Classical music and pop music with a moderate tempo are both.

Learning instrument does not make children more intelligent, experts claim
Common claims that learning music boosts children's IQ and helps them perform better at school can not possibly be true, psychologists said. Evidence linking musical children to high achievement in school can be better explained by the fact they generally.

Parents feel learning music is therapeutic for children
With studies and stiff competition at school taking a toll on children, some parents have started looking at music education as a stress reliever with therapeutic effects. “My son has been leaning percussion instruments for over five years now.

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