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Who is Paddy McGuinness, who’s his wife Christine, how many kids do they have, and what shows has he hosted?
Later in 2017 Paddy will host a 60-minute special celebrating the biggest names in pop music by bringing together the world’s top tribute artists for a glamorous night of performing and competing. Even Better Than The Real Thing will bring together.

Your kid's teacher is a rock star. Go tell 'em that
They’re showing kids how to hold a clarinet, how complex math can be made a little less complex, and that there can be joy as well as frustration found in writing. They’re coaching football teams and drama clubs, MC’ing spelling bees, staying late to.

MC Hammer is headlining Staples Center — in 2017. How did this happen?
this is a good song for you to do.’ I had to pick every one and create the visuals around it and the marketing campaign, hire the directors, everything.” MC Hammer didn’t stop releasing music after the ’90s. There have been albums and scattered.

Rethinking high school: an all-star TV special to air Friday
We're always telling kids to go out into the world and be great," said Davis during a recent interview. "But we don't always tell them how to do that." Tennon added ... Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma, MC Hammer, Jon Boogz and Sheila E.

Are Today’s Rap Fans Annoyed by Conscious Hip-Hop? Dead Prez’s and Dee 1 Weigh In
According to Stic, P.E. was able to deliver important messages to kids because ... and the negative music has a lot more shock value.” MC Dee-1 (Wikipedia Commons) But what does listening to music with that shock value ultimately do to young fans.

Interviewing The Oak Ridge Boys' Richard Sterban: from Elvis to 'Elvira,' group, opening State Theatre season today, has seen it all
“I think one of the main reasons for our longevity is the fact that we love doing what we do. You know, that has not changed over the years. When we’re on the road, we still look forward every night to taking out music ... We’re not kids any longer.

New Music: Kid Ink – ‘Bad Habit’
or do ya like I do ya, babe.” Last month, Ink also delivered “Sweet Chin Music,” his seventh video off the 7 Series mixtape. Only one song from the project, “Bad Lil Vibe,” has yet to see a visual. Up next, the West Coast MC is gearing up to drop.

Cool Times: MC Almond Milk Interview
We speak to James Scott, aka MC Almond Milk, about his debut record ... “A lot of that is to do with where I was going with my career both working and with music than my relationship specifically, and when I was writing at the time I was making some.

What ‘It’ Gets Right About Being a Kid in 1989
The music. Everyone who didn’t live in the ... mostly hair bands. The kid in the Anthrax shirt? “It” nailed it. The Losers listening to Young MC’s “Bust a Move” on a boombox? Nailed it perfectly. We loved Young MC and Slick Rick and Tone.

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