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Homeschool Family Sued By Neighbors For Letting Kids Play Outside
With the now porch-less play house passing inspection, the neighbors began retaliating in a new way – they blared music out the ... homeschools her children, this case has become about our rights too. Do our children have the right to play outside.

Chidinma and I have good chemistry – Flavour
Can you recall how you started your music career? I have always loved everything ... I also ensure I work every day and give the people what they want to hear. Right from the onset, I have always sought to distinguish myself and set myself apart from.

What's Up With Hemming? Jacksonville's Oldest Public Park Gets A New Facelift - EU Jacksonville
Under our watch, we have benefited from collaborative community business partnerships, such as those with MOCA Jacksonville (Museum of Contemporary Art), Jacksonville Public Library (Main), Sweet Pete's, and Candy Apple Cafe. Our dedicated Social&nbsp.

‘Blurred Lines’ verdict likely to alter music business
LOS ANGELES — A jury’s verdict that Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye’s music to create ... singer’s three children. Gaye’s daughter, Nona Gaye, wept as the verdict was read and later told reporters, “Right now, I feel.

Outrage as well-known rapper 'lynches' small white child in music video
“I'm not sure if hanging a child in a music video is right, regardless of the message ... The video has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. Fox Reporter and FOX411 host Diana Falzone covers celebrity news.

Nate Does Dim Sum: Timwah Finally Opens In Jacksonville - EU Jacksonville
You see what's in the dim sum cart right now. We can change it up every month. We can take two things out and put two different things in. Every month we'll probably have a monthly special. One thing in the baking part, one special in the fried or steamed.

How St. Johns County became an athletic hotbed for women in sports - St. Augustine Record
“The opportunities I have right now were paved by women who struggled to gain the right to be able to do the sport I love. I think that is so incredibly courageous. “I feel I have the kind of opportunity as men to excel in my sport and I need to take.

A Conversation with Courtney Lewis: The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra's Season Ahead - EU Jacksonville
“We want to provide as rich a range of music as we can. Many different people in our audiences have different tastes and different things that they enjoy at the symphony,” Lewis says. “We spend a lot of time trying to bring the best to Jacksonville.

Drink It Local: Marlin & Barrel Distillery in Fernandina - EU Jacksonville
Previously a bartender with Restaurant Orsay, Griesemer has been working at Marlin and Barrel for over a year now. The distillery itself is fairly ... According to Griesemer, “ Right now we're at ten [spirits], and will be at fifteen by year's end.” It.

10 Steps to Decluttering Your Office and Home - Massage Magazine
Oh yes, I forgot to mention one other little task many of us do— have kids . Life can be pretty overwhelming, so how is it possible many people can handle it all and have a clutter-free environment? Some of us are born with the gift of organization.

Cruises, Tours, & Taxis: Sailing the St. Johns River - EU Jacksonville
Enjoy live music as you cruise the St. Johns and watch the sunset in Downtown Jacksonville. Sunset cruises departs from Friendship Park thirty minutes prior to sunset and returns 30 minutes after sunset. Cruises usually include live music and have a&nbsp.

Personal Restart: Circadian Rhythm Influences Our Sleep - EU Jacksonville
From an evolutionary standpoint, our CR has been tied to the Sun, the only natural source of light. The age of industrialization introduced synthetic sources of light. Long after the sun has set, our body is still “on”. This artificial light has.

Thousands of nuisance alligators removed in Florida - Naples Daily News
Nuisance alligator removals have averaged 7,726 a year between 2001 and 2015. The range is from 5,833 in 2002 to a high of 11,664 in 2006. Alligators are removed when classified as a "nuisance" — longer than four feet and posing a threat to people.

River & Post: Upcoming Rooftop Restaurant Hires Executive Chef - EU Jacksonville
No stranger to executive culinary management, Arana has lead teams at the Alexandria, Provence and Alphabet Kitchen restaurants in New York City as well as working directly under Executive Chef Alain Ducasse at Louis XV in Monaco, France. Arana has &nbsp.

“THE MUMMY” The Past Cannot Remain Buried Forever - EU Jacksonville
He has one other film credit as a director for People Like Us. Kurtzman does a respectable job employing horror techniques such as suspense, jump scares and fear of the unknown in addition to creating the atmosphere with crypts, spiders and dark.

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