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Oldchella? Baby boomers travel for, embrace music festival scene
When rock and roll music came on the scene in the 1960s, a generation of young people fell in love with the new sound. Fifty years later, they have not let go. Baby boomers are digging into their pockets to see their favorite bands — wherever they may be.

Michigan's baby boom peaked in 1957 and 'reshaped everything'
This year they mark their 60th birthdays, part of a generation whose music, pop culture ... Much of the technology popular today didn't come onto the market until Baby Boomers were young adults. Michiganders born in 1957 recall growing up with only.

Celebrating 50 Years of WEBN-FM
A number of things fell perfectly into place: rock music filled up more space on the charts, FM radios became standard equipment in cars, advertisers stood in line to reach baby boomers, and, thank God in Heaven, WEBN hired me. My first job was not as a DJ.

5 notable Steely Dan songs to remember Walter Becker
Probably one of Steely Dan's more straightforward songs, and definitely their biggest commercial ... Hey Nineteen, from the 1980 album Gaucho A mellow, jazz-rock skewering of quickly aging baby boomers and the younger generation, who, the song's narrator.

Nostalgic Music Apps
For many consumers who are a part of the Baby Boomer generation, music apps like Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify don't exclusively speak to their needs, which is why Wolfgang's Music was created. Claiming the title of "the world's largest collection of.

Man of constant sorrow: Charlie Parr's quiet battle to stay alive
They range from 20-something hipsters to gray-haired baby boomers, and with polite Minnesotan restraint, they absorb the music attentively, tap their sneakered and sandaled feet to the beat, and occasionally add a shoulder sway. Between songs, Parr.

Jeremy Paxman on the Church of England’s fight to survive
As the baby boomers succumb to age, someone will have to take their ... vocalist and backing singer — is amplified to sub-Glastonbury volume. The lyrics to songs (never “hymns”) are displayed on flatscreen monitors mounted on pillars.

A sound man who helped shape the music of baby boomers
Do you like the music that is said to “define” our baby boom generation? So does Asheville, North Carolina’s Gary Carter. It’s what he reads about and writes about, and today for BoomerCafé, he draws us to the memoir of a sound engineer who helped.

Baby Boomers’ biggest financial regrets
If you grew up as a Baby Boomer you are likely to have a life anthem. Life anthems are those songs that sum up when you were born, where and how you lived and the regrets collected along the way. When it comes to having financial regrets, and seeking.

Be an outsider: LL Bean wants to be part of your outdoor fun
especially when both baby boomers and younger shoppers are feeling nostalgic. The trend was seen in the last Super Bowl with ads featuring actors like Don Rickles, music from Kool & the Gang, and sock puppets. L.L. Bean’s made-in-Maine boots have been.

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