Not just on christmas piano music for kids

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'Pedal Partner' Owen Knizak of Georgetown to ride in Kids PMC
“It’s a family, not just a charity ... he plays piano and he competes for the Essex Tech-Georgetown co-op track and field team in the spring. And he’s going to be there on Sept. 30, getting ready to join the 11-mile ride. The Kids PMC also includes.

Jack Savoretti: 'I'm not looking for the perfect pop song – I just want to feel something'
Jack Savoretti: 'Sometimes I think with mainstream music it’s just about what you see, not necessarily what you're listening ... I feel like there’s a new youthful revolution, kids are staying in the cities where they were born, music scenes are.

Music for the Age of Miracles
Lush ornamentation by either guitar, piano ... music, though the song it drives remains very much a Clientele song. Experimentation is kept to a minimum. This may not suit everyone, but it suits the Clientele in their current place and time just fine.

Michael W. Smith: He's still here for us
a whopping 40 of Christian music's Grammys weigh down Smith's trophy case. As he approaches the big 6-0 ... so what? He and wife Debbie have five grown kids who've given them no fewer than 14 grandkids, "with the latest having arrived just three weeks ago.

Dean Martin's daughter reflects on father's music legacy, funny encounters and rumors
He said, ‘Oh, by taking a big breath, I push from the diaphragm, and I can tell before a note comes out if I’m going to be on pitch or not.’ I said, ‘Really, does my dad do that?’ He said, ‘No, he has no idea what he’s doing. He just does it.

Rescue cat has impact on assisted living residents in Nebraska
She brings him treats and he'll get up and sit beside her on the piano ... or not. She thinks it is her temperament that Fargo finds attractive. That, and the treats she bring each time she performs. "I don't know if he enjoys the music or he just trusts.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Tickets go on sale this week for Little Big Town concert
Attention country music fans: Little Big Town just announced a big ... but after you become a dad it’s not so doable. That’s why I’m trying to train my daughter to play the drums. She’s 7 years old now and her piano and drum lessons are increasing.”.

Scorpions' Klaus Meine: 'When you see what I see when I go out on stage ... how can you not love this?'
And it makes you feel really good to see that our music is really crossing over to the young rock fans as well. This is not something ... "This is just crap," you know? (laughs) And they don't like it for whatever reason, and maybe it's a beautiful piano.

Spotlight Kids Theatre focuses on building every child’s talents
Founded by local music teacher Chris Churches, Spotlight Kids Theatre ... and a song — not bad for 60 minutes of work. There’s still time for silliness, like when a few flop down and pretend to make snow angels on the carpet while a Christmas song.

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