Psychedelic Music And Visuals For Autistic Children

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Autistic friendly places you can visit with the kids in and around Newcastle
This means that during hour, it will be making the shopping centre more autism friendly - by dimming the lights, turning down music, stopping tannoy announcements ... spectrum might find the museum’s Visual Story helpful as they can use it to prepare.

That One Time I Tried to Microdose on LSD, But Accidentally Took Too Much… -
We had just left a Town Hall reading with Ayelet Waldman, the author of A Really Good Day, a new book about microdosing, or taking tiny amounts of LSD or psychedelic mushrooms on a regular basis. It's a recent trend, ... At that point, LSD was one of.

Psilocybin, from magic mushrooms, eases anxiety and depression in cancer patients - The Independent
In 2010, doctors diagnosed Dinah Bazer with ovarian cancer. After treatment and chemotherapy, it went into remission, but as the months wore on, she became increasingly terrified that the disease might return. Two years after diagnosis, she felt worse.

How do musician's brains work while playing? - Science Daily
Musical styles and strengths vary dramatically: Some musicians are better at sight reading music , while others are better at playing by ear. Does this ... Others prefer to write phrases repeatedly -- combining visual and motion information," Aiba.

Boulder Ballet, Boulder Phil stage sensory-friendly 'Nutcracker' - Boulder Daily Camera
The need to reach her daughter via music led Marshall to create BrainSong, an organization that connects professional musicians and concerts with children with special needs. That led Marshall to reach out to the Boulder Ballet and Boulder Philharmonic&nbsp.

Dr. Maja Mataric: Robots That Care - Link TV
SARs will be placed with families who have autistic children for one month, during which time the researchers will observe how robots can be used in different situations. Mataric says that the "lack of accessible, trained and affordable" help for kids.

A high-tech, retro-sound hobby becomes a community centered on autism - Dallas News (blog)
Some of the older systems had a specific computer chip just for music , and fans soon began to program and mix the sound to create new music , says Aaron Hickman, a chiptunes musician and Chiptunes 4 Autism collaborator. As technology developed, so did.

Bryony Hannah and Ayve Leventis to Present Sci-fi Adventure LAIKA at the Unicorn
Her many theatre credits include Blurred Lines (National Theatre), The ... those on the autism spectrum and those with learning disabilities. Wed 18 Oct, 10.30am / Sun 5 Nov, 2pm Pre-Show Touch Tours offer a chance for those with visual impairments to.

Marching band and football team are more alike than you think, says ex-high school drum major - Bucks County Courier Times
Likewise, the drum major calls the band “to the ready” in practice and performance, leads the band at all times, whether during a parade or at the beginning and end of a show, and conducts the band during the show, providing stability for the music.

Autism Spectrum Disorder FAQs
The way people with ASD learn, think, and problem solve can vary from being gifted in math, art, music, or visual skills ... Boys are diagnosed with autism four times more often than girls. One in 68 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with ASD, and this.

Inside U2's PopMart -
But lately, as anyone who has been paying attention will be aware, he has rather warmed to the notion of being a pop star, in a pop group, making pop music . For "pop", he has decided, is a word full of freedom, a term that can mean almost anything.

Makin Waves with Toothgrinder, Little Steven, Lowlight, Levy & the Oaks, Control, Harry Filkin, The Grip Weeds and more - New Jersey Stage
This week, Makin Waves chats with Asbury Park metal band Toothgrinder, reviews Little Steven's long-awaited next solo CD, streams Lowlight, Levy & the Oaks, Control, and The Grip Weeds, and features briefs on the Elephants for Autism Music Festival.

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