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DCF: Mom Of Teen Who Committed Suicide In Facebook Live Watched Episode Unfold
German beer, music, food, dancers ... Alternate Means Of Entry For CBS Miami Texting ContestsNo mobile phone or texting plan? No problem! You can enter online for any contest on CBS Miami by entering here as an alternate means of entry.

'This whole thing is a scam': Skeptics claim video of two-year-old saving his brother from falling dresser is FAKE ... - Daily Mail
The Herculean strength of a toddler who saved his brother when he got trapped under a toppled dresser swept the internet earlier this week. But some skeptics have cast doubt over the astonishing feat which was caught on the boys' nanny cam, claiming it&nbsp.

Radio hosts' stunt slammed on social media after their 'cruel and callous' Tom Cruise hoax brought a producer to tears - Daily Mail
A radio crew was shocked and reduced to tears after it was revealed on-air they were not interviewing Tom Cruise - but were instead speaking to an impostor set up by a rival radio show. 'Pathetic', 'evil' and 'low rent' are just some of the calls that.

Dame Quentin Bryce takes up journalism in retirement
In a video doing the rounds online ... of Royal prank infamy, doesn't follow a regimented rundown – there are brief news bulletins and traffic updates interspersed randomly with music and more "LOLs" as the pair put it. "None of our friends who listen.

Kylie Jenner, 20, 'Surprised but So Happy' to Be Expecting Baby Girl with Travis Scott -
Kylie Jenner Pregnant

The 25 Most Intriguing People of the Year
Already the joy has been darkened by the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, one of two nurses at King Edward VII Hospital who fell for a prank played by two Australian ... So, 2013, bring on the royal baby. The QUEEN A SMASHING YEAR The normally stoic monarch.

Listen to hoax 999 call Christine Connor made to lure PSNI to bomb blast trap - Belfast Telegraph
Lone wolf Northern Irish terrorist, 31, who pretended to be a Swedish model to entrap men into helping her plot to ... Daily Mail.

Would you get a loved one's VOICE inked on you? Bizarre 'sound wave tattoo' lets you listen to your body art - Daily Mail
Tattoos have long been a way to express yourself, and thanks to new technology, they could soon allow you to add an extra dimension to your body art. Skin Motion is an app that creates tattoo designs from audio clips, which can be played back via your&nbsp.

EXCLUSIVE: Friends pose as TV producers to prank 'ladies' man' footballer into flying to ITALY after telling him he ... - Daily Mail
A group of friends hatched an elaborate prank to trick their ladies' man friend into believing he was travelling to a luxurious hotel in Italy to star on Channel 4's First Dates. Singleton Johnpaul Offord thought he was being whisked away for an all.

How to charge your phone if the power goes out (and why you SHOULDN'T use the 'battery hack' taking Twitter by storm) - Daily Mail
As extreme weather events have left thousands without power, the question of how to keep your phone fully charged is more important than ever. From battery packs, solar panels and hand cracks to DIY chargers using a 9v batteries, there are dozens of.

Piano teacher put pupils through fake exams and pocketed the entry fees, court told - WalesOnline
But Miss May staged the exams herself and told the pupils they had passed. "They kept on asking her for the certificates but she batted off their requests. "Their parents contacted the Royal Schools of Music and were informed their child had not taken.

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