Soft calming sleepy music for kids

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The legend of the Relaxed Mother - The Spinoff
At moments like these, appearances matter. You want to avoid the judgement that you being unable to calm your baby is a reflection of how uptight you are. Cue slightly concerned but relaxed look. Casual, nonchalant laughter. Keep calm ; look at ease.

Fall colors and new village are draws at Portland’s dazzling Japanese Garden
He cocked an ear at the soft tinkling of water spouting from a length of hollow bamboo onto a mossy rock in front of us. It soothed like a cool, wet cloth on the back of my neck. If you’d been here decades earlier, the water’s music might have been.

easyJet to release album of engine sounds to help people get to sleep - The Independent
Budget airline easyJet has announced plans to move into the music industry with the release of a single and album comprised entirely of engine noise. “Jet Sounds” will ... Recordings of white noise have also been used to calm babies and help people.

Robotic Somnox pillow gently "breathes" to soothe users to sleep - Dezeen
This soft robotic pillow combats sleepless nights by "breathing" in and out as users hold it close. ... Somnox is based around research that has suggested calm breathing influences the amygdala in the brain, which plays a role in emotional wellbeing.

Ringo Starr, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Prophets of Rage music reviews
Other songs, like “Grandsons,” “I’m So Sleepy” or the slightly bizarre/interesting rewrite of “Mary and the Little Lamb,” make this seem almost like a children ... of the music the band made with de la Rocha. Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton.

How I Escaped from Hurricane Irma - Outside Magazine
A room off to the right had a children's play area to entertain the handful of kids who ran about, blissfully unaware of the Category 5 hurricane roaring toward us. .... As for the actual storm, we realized the two of us would be fine, and the baby.

I flew on Virgin America for the first time and I wish I had started flying it years before it disappears from the skies
Unlike other carriers where it's usually a drop and go sort of deal, Virgin was playing music ... soft purple hue that envelops the cabin. It's a brilliant color choice for more reasons than one. Depending on the shade, purple can be a relaxing.

From Shushing to Singing: Reminding New Mothers of Their Power to Soothe - U.S. News & World Report
While mothers are often fascinated by the calming effect this sound has on their babies, the most rewarding part is the realization that they can do this any time, anywhere – no ocean drum required. All it takes is ... Lullabies are slow, gentle songs.

Curbing pacifier dependency - Jamaica Observer
This, according to clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell, is sometimes characterised by a child's inability to remain calm without it, being unable to sleep without it in his/her mouth, a desire to chew on it as opposed to sucking on it, or insisting.

Should parents give their children drugs to help them sleep on long-haul flights? - ABC Online
Some parents swear by antihistamines for inducing children to sleep . Antihistamines are drugs used to treat allergies and some cause drowsiness. But Dr Joanne Ging, paediatrician at the Children's Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, warns against this&nbsp.

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