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Study: Pop music helps ease post-surgery pain for children
She said finding that the audiobooks worked as well as the music proved surprising. "Some parents commented that their young kids listening to audiobooks would calm down and fall asleep," she said. "It was a soothing and distracting voice.

Kai Pidichu: This tribute song to late mother by Bijibal's kids has touching lyrics, soothing music [VIDEO]
begins with the lines Kai Pidichu has impressed the music lovers for its soothing music and touching lyrics. The two-minute-47-second music video proves how talented these kids are. Music is in their genes. Also check: Sudden demise of Bijibal's wife.

Genesis doctors recital to benefit music therapy program
I think it's wonderful; music can do some amazing things," music therapist Amanda Holland said this week. An employee of West Music, she brings her acoustic guitar and soothing voice to ... Ms. Holland also works with kids and adults who have.

The Celebrity Who Perfectly Defines Your Zodiac Sign
But few artists have represented the sign so archetypically as one of modern music’s biggest names ... Like a classic Cancer, Selena seems to naturally emit a soothing aura. She’s just plain lovable, dammit. Only a Leo would be capable of creating.

Walt Whitman on Beethoven and Music as the Profoundest Expression of Nature
careless — often the sentiment of the postures of naked children playing or sleeping. One of Arthur Rackham’s rare 1917 illustrations for the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm Long before scientists illuminated why playing music benefits your brain.

The Joy Lady: Did you know that God sings over all of us?
When my kids were born, I started singing lullabies to them when ... What is there about a lullaby that comforts us so? Is it the peace the soothing music brings? The bonding between people who are special to each other? The love and security we feel.

Thinking About "World Music" (Whatever That Means) at a Moroccan Festival
As we drove to Rabat, where Visa For Music was being held, the driver was playing Turkish Islamic pop that that sounded like Christian pop—anodyne and soothing ... I saw a bunch of kids pose for a group photo. They said "hashish" instead of cheese.

What is the effect of listening to music on sleeping, studying?
Also, does listening to music while studying impact the quality of studying? — S.W. Answer • The effect of music on sleep has been studied several times, but most studies have looked at classical or soothing music. In most of the trials I read.

The Best Baby Bouncers and Rockers
Though most bouncers max out at 25 pounds, in toddler mode the BabyBjörn can hold kids up to 29 pounds ... and a variety of customizable and programmable settings including music, soothing sounds and vibrations, all of which can be controlled from.

The Candle Protocol for Deeper Sleep
Now, I know some of you reading this have kids, a family, and jobs that will fight tooth and ... and you can put the icing on the cake by putting on some soft, light music in the background. I prefer romantic Latin classics or tropical, chill house music.

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