Voodoo Child Cover Gayageum Music

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Fans of The Districts, a rock band that got its start at Warwick High School, will be happy to know new music ... cover band that played at its high school coffee house. Lawrence says three of the first songs it learned to play were Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo.

JIMI HENDRIX's "Voodoo Child" Covered On Ancient Korean Instrument Is Beautiful - Metal Injection.net
There is no doubt that Jimi Hendrix is proto-metal, and young Luna here has put a completely new spin on his classic " Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" in a video that has surfaced lately from a few years back. Luna is using a gayageum which HuffPo notes.

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Fans would pay good money just to see one of the many artists that took the stage during Saturday night’s (Nov. 17) Jimi Hendrix tribute concert at the Experience Music Project in ... below video of him playing ‘Voodoo Child’ with former Guns N.

Luna Lee Rocked Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child' on an Ancient Korean Instrument - Esquire.com
Korean artist Luna Lee takes modern songs and gives them a chill twist by playing them on a modified gayageum , an ancient Korean string instrument. On her fundraising page, Lee explains that she modernized the gayageum herself to play contemporary&nbsp.

Korean musician Luna Lee plays dazzling cover versions of rock classics - TeamRock.com
quot;However, the gayageum that I play is an ancient, traditional Korean instrument made for the purpose of playing traditional Korean music . My ancestors played the gayageum in a small room, so the sound did not need to be loud. But my music is performed&nbsp.

10 Must-Watch Korean Acts at SXSW 2017 - Billboard
Rock music looks a bit different with Luna Lee thanks to her gayageum , a traditional Korean stringed instrument. The musician -- who regularly uploads covers of classic rock to YouTube -- blends rock, blues, and pop with the ambient sound of the.

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Fresh from their induction into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame ... they found out they were having a child. “And that really began to inspire the direction of the album,” Pineda says. Then, in April, as they were about to record.

This Jimi Hendrix Song Played On An Ancient Korean Instrument Is So Damn Cool - Huffington Post
Jimi Hendrix's “ Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” goes 1,500 years back in time with this sensational reworking. South Korean musician Luna plays the iconic track on a gayageum , a traditional zither-like string instrument that dates back to the sixth.

Gayageum player in final round of ESPN contest - Korea Times
Luna plays the gayageum , a 12-string Korean zither that was developed around the 6th Century. She is best known for her covers of Jimi Hendrix songs such as " Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)," which has garnered more than 2.7 million hits on YouTube.

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