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Old and new: $5.5-million violin and sheet of steel boost WSO concert - Windsor Star
Old and new: $5.5-million violin and sheet of steel boost WSO concert ... “The juxtaposition of this brand new steel instrument and this quasi-ancient violin is a really interesting use of the continuum of time that classical music represents,” Franz.

'Brilliant' sheet music handwritten by Mozart when he was 17 expected to raise huge amount at auction - Mirror.co.uk
The piece contains 13 bars scored for an orchestra of two oboes, two horns, strings and a single violin - to be played by himself. Mozart named the Serenade 'Antretter' after family friend, Thadda Simon Antretter, who he gifted the work to in.

What Child Is This? / Praise Emmanuel
Leadsheets often do not contain complete lyrics to the song. What child is this, who, laid to rest, on Mary's lap is sleeping, whom angels greet with anthems sweet, while shepherds watch are keeping? The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed.

Penn State violinist lives life in tune - Centre Daily Times
Music is about many things, but timing has to be one of them. Emmanuel Houndo has managed to tear himself away from any one of the nine classes he's taking this semester, the occupational hazard of a double major in violin performance with a side dish.

Data Sheet—Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - Fortune
The Swedish music streaming service is looking for someone to help build a "category-defining product" akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacle. Spotify has more than 50 million subscribers but rivals like Apple Music are turning up the&nbsp.

Who Stole Erica Morini's $3.5 Million Stradivarius Violin? - Daily Beast
The story goes that she would listen as her father gave music lessons; if his students botched a note, little Erica would play the correct key on the piano or sing it out loud. At the age of 5, she played for Emperor Franz Joseph. By 12, she had gone.

Her Violin Stolen, A Prodigy's World Became 'Unstrung' - NPR
Min Kym started playing the violin at age 6 and won her first competition at 11. Now, the former child prodigy is the author of a new book: Gone: A Girl, A Violin , A Life Unstrung, in which she shares her story of finding her perfect partner — only to.

Harmonious Blacksmith Easy Elementary Violin Sheet Music
Pure Sheet Music duet by Lars Christian Lundholm What Child Is This Easy Piano Sheet Music Oh My Darling Clementine for Soprano Saxophone and French Horn, Pure Sheet Music duet by Lars Christian Lundholm Oh My Darling Clementine for Cello and French Horn.

Gracie and Rachel Remind Us That We Are 'Only A Child,' Waiting To Grow - NPR
I didn't know much about Gracie and Rachel on first hearing "Only A Child ." There's a terrific tension in the sound, an underpinning of mystery set against a baroque, but modern, pop foreground. Then I discovered that Gracie Coates and Rachel Ruggles&nbsp.

Brit child prodigy to set new world record as the world's youngest orchestra conductor - aged 11 - Mirror.co.uk
Brit child prodigy to set new world record as the world's youngest orchestra conductor - aged 11. Matthew Smith - who plays violin , viola, piano , drums and guitar - will lead the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra next month. Share; Comments. ByIan Murphy.

Using Music And Rhythm To Help Kids With Grammar And Language - NPR
A child with atypical language development might answer the same prompt with just a couple of words. In one rhythm test, kids ... It's a 5-month program the lab created that involves weekly Suzuki violin lessons and a weekly movement class. "There may.

Why Westworld Uses a Player Piano - Vulture
“It's 100 percent different” from a regular, human-played piano , Djawadi said. “It's got a robotic harshness to it which is very distinctive. When a human plays it, the dynamics are modified. But when the player piano hits a note, it's always the same.

The Unscripted Symphony of USC's Sam Darnold - Yahoo Sports
Maybe, years from now, after winning a national championship and a Heisman Trophy and being the first pick in the NFL draft and enjoying a lucrative pro career, he'll circle back to conquer the one pursuit that didn't quite come naturally to the Golden.

What learning piano in my twenties taught me — and why you should try it - Business Insider
Both of my brothers play — saxophone and guitar, respectively — but the extent of my musical education was tapping out basic beats on a glockenspiel and learning the first few bars of "Neighbours" on the piano at school. So why did .... Playing from.

Retiring musicians leave Milwaukee Symphony with harmonious memories - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Milwaukee Symphony will lose 315 years of institutional memory in the coming weeks, as eight veteran musicians retire from the orchestra. These are musicians who have toured abroad with the orchestra, as well as to New York for performances in&nbsp.

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